Google To Introduce Next Generation Wireless Internet System

Google WirelessGoogle is assembling its own wireless internet network for a wide ranged experiment regarding its next generation ‘Google Fiber” high speed internet network, which is currently available only in Kansas City. The development is going on at Google’s headquarters located in Mountain View.

The news cropped up when Google applied to the FCC to run an experimental wireless service. The file was marked confidential. But two uncensored paragraphs stated that at the beginning stage, Google wants to deploy 5-10 base stations to use 40 devices in its headquarters. Later the number of base stations would go up to 50 covering 200 devices.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the frequencies that Google is demanding aren’t compatible with tablet computers and smartphones.

In a blog post, Steven Crowley, a Google engineer stated that the frequencies Google wants to work on is currently owned by Clearwire. Both Clearwire and Google haven’t yet released any statements. Last year Google had sold its shares of Clearwire.

Patrick Pichette, the CFO at Google said that Google Fiber isn’t a hobby and the company’s planning on major expansion. But they want perfection with the Kansas City project first. After being done with all the modifications and de-bugging, the company would for the public release.


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