Wi-Fi Access For New York’s Grand Central Terminal

Wi-Fi Grand CentralNew York Grand Central Terminal is setting up its own Wi-Fi solution, in order to provide uninterrupted internet access to the people who need to stay in touch with the web while they’re on the move.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of New York quietly announced the details of the Wi-Fi network a week ago. Ericsson is designing the whole network outline and will deploy the system in alliance with T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. The plan also includes another network allotted to only the police and emergency responders.

Howard Permut, MTA president said that the deal would be beneficiary to millions of consumers who commute everyday through this hub. Also the railway operations and emergency management operations will be a lot smoother, over all improving the quality of the services provided.

The network has to be state of the art and be able to carry huge traffic load. MTA hasn’t yet decided whether the connection would be free or not.

The service will go live at least 2 years from now. The Wi-Fi deal between the GCT and the carriers is signed for 20 years. GCT hopes to generate at least $4.3 billion from the license auction.

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