New Case Will Turn Your iPad Into A Full-Fledged Gaming Gadget


Soon you will see an iPad case that shall enhance its gaming capabilities. Audojo is working on this project and has announced a case with joystick and buttons that will turn your iPad into full-fledged gaming machine.

This new iPad case will finally make up for the iPad’s gaming flaws. Attach this case to your iPad 2. 3 or 4 and you can literally control any game with real analog joysticks. It also has two trigger buttons which are sorely missed by gamers on the iPad, especially with first-person shooter games.

Above the joystick are two stereo speakers attached to enhance the overall sound, as tiny iPad speakers are sometimes not enough. Audojo has also announced to add two headphone ports in the final version of iPad case.

The company will not only improvise gaming in the tablet, but also intends to support AirPlay ― enabling you to send your iPad image to a larger screen.

Flurry Analytics’ stats show that 67% of all activity on iPads is based on gaming. Considering this, a gaming case for iPad was needed for a long time.

This Kickstarter project still needs $200,000 to meet its required money for investment. They asked for $240,747 for the project. 26 days are remaining until the deadline on Kickstarter, so let’s see if Audojo can meet its target and would the gaming community go for this innovative device.


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