Japan’s About To Begin The Very First UHDTV Broadcast Service

4K4K also named as UHDTV is the newest and hottest toy in the global television market and as always Japan is one step ahead to start the first ever 4K T.V broadcasting service scheduled for July, 2014. The project will go live 2 years ahead of the former schedule, since the broadcasting was expected to start by mid 2016.
Citing the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Asahi Newspaper stated that the government wants to let the people enjoy the final match of 2014 FIFA World Cup with the best picture quality possible. Also the UHDTV broadcasting would crucially boost Japan’s T.V market.
Initially the broadcast would be run by communications satellites, followed by T.V satellite broadcasting and finally by broadcasting operations on the ground. The 4K T.V offers 4 times the better quality picture than the current HD T.Vs.
The major T.V makers are now releasing their UHDTVs. Among the Japanese makers, Sony, Panasonic and Sharp have released their 4K T.Vs. Only South Korean tech giant LG has started selling theirs.
BBC and Sky has completed running 4K broadcasting trials during the Olympics. But any commercial move is yet to come.
Japan officials said that they are working on the more advanced 8K T.V and plans on launching 8K T.V broadcasting in 2016.

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