Drones Could Be Introduced As Highway Police

DronesScientists say that drones could be deployed to watch over the 4 million miles of highways webbing the entire United States. Inspection of roads and bridges, land survey via laser mapping or even issuing alerts to avoid accidents and traffic jams could be made easy using these highly efficient flying robots.

‘Federal Highway Administration’ and the ‘Department of Transportation of Georgia’ recently handed over a fund of $74,984 to scientists running a project focusing on how drones could be used to safeguard the public roads and at the same time help out with other things.

Javier Irizarry, Chief at ‘CONECTech Lab’, a partner of ‘Georgia Institute for Technology stated that it is easy with these flying machines to keep things safe and monitor situations since the drones won’t be going into the trouble physically. Also the drones could go beyond human physical limitations in some cases. Emergency responders would benefit hugely if the project got turned into reality.

Some parties are applying to the FAA to allow drones into U.S. civilian airspace by the year of 2015.

Researchers at Georgia Tech are now experimenting how the control scheme would work ensuring easy and total control to the human operator. Also they’re worrying about the employees to lose jobs if the project ever goes live.

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