Review: Stupidness 2 iPhone Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs

Stupidness 2 iPhone Game 1

Stupidness 2 PRO is a puzzle game with simple yet interesting questions that make you think out of the box. The game is devised for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. While solving some questions in the game, you might need to use the internal functions of the iPhone like gyroscope and multi-touch. Though many solutions are interesting and fun to play, there are some, which are nonsensical and are used simply to frustrate the user. These silly questions hardly test your I.Q. There is a free version of the app available for trial, which would suggest better. Moreover, the game also has an option where you can connect to Facebook and post your I.Q there.

Despite the name “Stupid” associated with the game, it is quite a brain teaser in terms of many solutions offered to solve. The game also offers hints for people who fail to solve a problem, which definitely cuts some of your points though. On the other hand, it seems some solutions are merely use to showcase the functionality of the iDevice. Besides, the app is very short with as many as 35 interesting problems and it can be played by many within 10-15 minutes. Playing it with friends and family will surely bring along some laugh and fun time together.

Stupidness 2 iPhone GameCheats
The cheats are available in the form of solutions, which you have to understand. For example, for the 23rd solution, which says, “which pail is different”, the answer is provided based on the earlier puzzle no. 13, where you have filled the 2nd bucket with water in similar setting.

The solution to 12th problem, “which direction is the torchlight shinning again” is that the torch light is not turned on
In 16th solution, “correct the arrows”, you just need to remove the letter “S” as it has only one arrow.

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