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CSR Racing iPhone Game 1

CSR racing is a game developed by Natural Motion and is a game that features among one of the best iOS games seen recently. With some stunning graphics,CSR racing is a good endeavor to bring drag racing in the iOS platform. The best part is that the game is very easy and you can just jump in ant any point and play it. The game offers a number of different racing options that you can choose from, such as, Ladder races, Crew battles, Daily battles and so on. Moreover, the gamehas 5 different tiers and lot of interesting content.

You first need to choose a car and the race that you want to play, after which you can simply start the gameplay, which is very simple. You just need to carry on tapping the accelerator, while using the gear shift when required for a smooth ride. In the course of the game, if you earn money, you can use it to buy some Nitro, which you can use for boosting your race.

CSR Racing iPhone GameCSR racing is definitely a nice way to spend time. Time and again you need money and gold to upgrade your car, to paint the car, or even to buy a new car and so on. The money and gold can be earned by winning races but that might not be so easy.


At the start of the game, there are just two things to note; one is the gas padel, which is especially important for street drag racing and secondly, the gear shifter in the form of blue up arrow.

While shifting gear, give more attention to prompts offered in the game rather than to the RPM screen.

Shifting is a very important element in the game and prompts help in timing the shifts.


Ladder races will earn you cash. The harder the race become, the more cash you will earn.

The challenge races tests your abilities and are very tough. However, you can earn good cash rewards out of them.

You can buy seven upgrades that you can buy from your cash. These upgrades include Engine, Turbo, Intake, Nitrous, Body, Tires and Gearbox. These upgrades are your ticket to winning races ahead.

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