Grand Canyon ‘Google Mapped’ Using 9,500 Panoramas

Grand Canyon Now anyone can experience the taste of travelling the Grand Canyon right from their computer chairs.

Google promised to add thousands of panoramic shots to Google Maps service and has kept it. The internet giant has published 9,500 interactive photos that will take you to a private tour covering 60% of the spectacular landmark. The images show trails long more than 75 miles and roads.

To capture all the iconic images, Google used a multiple camera device named Trekker. It is a wearable backpack weighing over 40 pounds that has a system equipped with 15 cameras on top. The Trekker can shoot 360 degree views when the carrier is moving. The device has easy control options programmed for Android phones. The Google Maps team members simply walked through the ridges, around the hills by foot and the Trekker shot all the mind blowing sceneries.

Google made a huge update to the street view project last fall. It added photos covering 250,000 mile of streets and roads across the world. This expansion includes roads and highways in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Macau, Norway, Singapore, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Thailand and Taiwan.

Also recently, Google Maps took to the sea with pictures ensuring accurate details which is of great help to professional scuba divers.

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