Apple Becomes The No. 1 U.S Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Apple iPhoneThis Friday, Strategy Analytics a reputed online research firm declared Apple as the biggest cell phone maker in the U.S. This is the very first time for Apple to gain this position. Strategy Analytics says that the success of the new iPhone 5 and also the decline of demand for the non-smart phones have worked as strong incentives behind Apple’s rise.

During a 3 months period from last October to December, Apple made a shipment of 17.7 million units of different iPhones only for U.S. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics shipped 16.8 million units, including the non-smart phones.

Samsung still holds the biggest smart phone maker badge worldwide, possessing 23% share of the worldwide market. Nokia stands second with 17.9% share and Apple on the 3rd spot presenting 9.9% market share.

Also when only global smart phone sale is considered, Samsung holds the top spot. Worldwide, Smasung’s number is 63.7 million units against Apple’s 47.8 million unit shipment.

iPhones cost more than Samsung’s smart phones. Although, iPhones are within reach of the American buyers, consumers in the developing world can’t afford those. Samsung is taking advantage with their cheaper Android smart phones.

Apple’s iPhone frenzy usually lasts a few months after the devices go on sale. So, market experts are expecting to see Samsung on the top in the next quarter.

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