Twitter Breached, 250,000 Subscriber Data Stolen

TwitterTwitter, world’s biggest micro blogging site has recently experienced an attack by hackers being able to get away with private data of more than 250,000 users.

According to Twitter officials the engineers detected some unusual patterns and investigated it. Later they found a live attack and were able to terminate the bug. But there’s a good possibility that the hackers gained access again and stole personal data like usernames, session tokens encrypted or salted passwords, photos, credit card information, e-mail addresses and other stuffs of the same kind.

In a blog statement Twitter said that they would reset passwords for every accounts hacked and rescind their session tokens. An e-mail would be sent to every victim explaining the urgency and the reason to reset their passwords.

Twitter claimed that the attack was committed by experts and the incident must not be taken lightly. They believe several firms were hacked in the same way recently and they wanted to go public with this attack.

Twitter has taken this opportunity to again warn the users to maintain their passwords carefully. Twitter urged the users to choose passwords at least 10 character long containing numbers and symbols. They also asked the subscribers to stop using the same passwords in several websites.

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