Amazon Kindle Price slashed down to $189


Amazon Kindle PriceKindle fans surely will be delighted to know that Amazon.com, the online retail giant has planned to reduce the price for the popular e-reader device Kindle. Now the customers can buy Kindle from Amazon at only $189. Experts say Amazon took this sudden move to counter attack the Barnes and Noble who announced that their new Wi-Fi version e-book reader ‘Nook’ to be priced at only $149.
The most advantageous part of using a Kindle is that the users don’t have to be worried about Wi-Fi service to get new books. It weighs only 10.2 ounces that means the device lighter than a typical paperback. You can order any ebook online and it will be delivered wirelessly within 60 seconds, and no PC is required for that. Moreover you can share your passion for reading with your friends and family members through Twitter and Facebook directly from the Kindle. Even you can enjoy reading e-books on Kindle up to seven days on a single charge with wireless on. If you turn wireless off then you will be able to read for up to two weeks.


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