Microsoft And Huawei United To Sell Low Priced Windows Phones

Windows PhonesMicrosoft is teaming up with the Chinese tech giant, Huawei to take on the highly promising smart phone market of Africa with cheaply rated phones.

The phone Huawei is about to introduce is named the ‘Huawei 4Afrika’ priced only $150. Initially, the Windows device would go on sale in 6 countries. This is a smart move by Microsoft to affiliate with Huawei, since the Chinese company delivers 90% of the telecommunication equipments in the continent. Also, Africa is the 2nd largest market for Huawei smart phones after China.

Microsoft is a minor competitor in the smart phone OS market with only 2% market share worldwide. That’s why the company needs as many partners as it could get.

This alliance won’t have any negative influence over Microsoft’s deal with Nokia. General Manager at Microsoft Africa, Fernando de Sousa said that Microsoft and Nokia intend to release 2 new smart phones in the African market within next few months. Africa is one of the most rapidly growing markets for smart phones showing a 43% average sales growth since 2000, according to the GSM Association.

Microsoft and Huawei are to unveil the Huawei 4Afrika on Tuesday at several events in Johannesburg, Lagos, Ivory Coast, Nairobi, Abidjan and Cairo.

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