Online Security At The U.S. Energy Dept. Breached

U.S. Energy Dept. Last month, the ‘U.S. Department of Energy’ had fallen victim to a cyber attack led by hackers unknown. Although the main servers were breached, personal data, employee and contractor details remained untouched. No classified data was compromised or leaked.
As the ‘The New York Times’ said that the agency got breached last month and this Friday, all the officials were sent a formal e-mail explaining the situation.
‘The Dept. of Energy’ is responsible for the nation’s many crucial infrastructures such as- experimentation and production of various forms of energy, nuclear power plants along with nuclear waste disposal etc. The agency is required to hold a vast storage of confidential information. The officials confirmed that classified data is still intact. Reuters believes that servers and storages protecting the top secret data aren’t linked to the internet.
Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security chief believes that future cyber waves will hit the country’s infrastructures, calling such an occurrence as the “cyber 9/11,” Although the attackers failed to gain any information, she warned the authorities reminding that the hackers did manage to breach the fences.
The department’s ‘Joint Cyber security Co-ordination Division’ is addressing the problems and deploying updated defense mechanisms to prevent any further attack.

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