Twitter Takes Over Bluefin Labs

Bluefin LabsThis Monday, Twitter bought the Bluefin Labs, a ‘Social Media Analytics Firm’. This is probably the biggest acquisition done by Twitter yet.

Bluefin Labs aims to find the perfect combination between the social networks and mainstream media. Twitter has already created a revolutionary mix of social networking and the entertainment industry, but that change applies only to the T.V shows and the music industry in the majority. Bluefin Labs intends to bring the whole T.V industry on a single social-digital platform.

This takeover by Twitter is just another step to accomplish the company’s long term social T.V networking project. For a recent example, the blackout during the Super Bowl created one of the biggest gatherings via social networking on Twitter. Also, due to the massive scale of activities on Twitter, the 2012 London Olympics was called the Twitter generation Olympics. Discussing all these, the Bluefin Labs buyout is a clever move on Twitter’s side to achieve this phenomenal goal.

Bluefin Labs was established back in 2008. The buyout price is rumored to be $70 million, serving the firm’s initial investors such as- Time Warner Investments, Jim Pallotta, SoftBank Capital and the National Science Foundation along with a few others with a pretty healthy return

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