3 Top Most Controversial Games


It’s hard to believe that even video games are not devoid of controversy. There is a plethora of video games which have been put in the “controversial” category, due to one reason or the other. In this article, I will jot down the most notorious of those video games along with the reasons that made them infamous.


Produced by Rockstar North, this game exemplifies what controversial means! It contains disturbing amount of gory violence being perpetrated by the protagonist, where he mutilates, dismembers and decapitates victims. The gratuitous gore and violence didn’t go unnoticed by authorities in various countries and soon the game developers found their creation on the banned list in several countries.

FUN+FACT+TIME+There+is+a+game+_c79935ba34258102239632af34f45f4fEthnic Cleansing

Even the very name of the game exudes controversy. This is one game that broke all norms and directly encouraged violence against ethnicities like African Americans, Jews and Latinos. The game was helmed by Resistance Records which is known to support white supremacy and Neo-Nazi agenda. The game is pretty horrific in its portrayal of infamous outfits like ku klux klan carrying out acts of violence etc. This is one game that should remain doomed to obscurity.



article_imgTomb Raider

This entry would definitely make the audience a bit perplexed! Tomb Raider is a mainstream wholesome game so why involve it in this countdown? Well, it wasn’t the game itself that is controversial but rather a user made mod that gained infamy. Edios, the developers of the game, had never envisioned that some user would churn out a mod that would render the protagonist Lara Croft nude. The mod was aptly name “Nude Raider” and was quite infamous in its time. Since, it was an authorized mode, Edios had it curbed but not before it was widely circulated.

The list of controversial games is quite hefty to be put down in a single article. But one thing is certain that these games by virtue of their infamy earned a spot in gaming history.

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