Spotify Finally Goes For Widows 8 Phones

Spotify After delaying several months, Spotify, the latest hip in the online music streaming industry has made its choice for the Widows 8 smart phones.

According to a blog post from Microsoft, the rollout has just begun and might not be available worldwide. It would take a few hours to show up on the search results and be available for downloading in specific areas.

Spotify has made its debut in the Windows app store. This is a beta version launch. Most of its features are available to mobile subscribers. Spotify Premium version costs $9.99 per month also downloader’s will receive a free trial for 30 days.

With Spotify, you can store your tracks, create playlists and share them with friends. Thanks to Cloud technology, your library will be updated simultaneously.

Previously, Spotify was available for only Widows 7. After the release of Windows 8, the app vanished. With this beta launch the company has made a crucial come back to the market. Earlier, Spotify opened up a brand new website named ‘Playlist Poetry’. The site is a special initiative regarding Valentine’s Day. You can create your own poetry using song titles and later make a playlist out of it as a gift for your special someone.

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