Russian Search Engine Yandex Passes Bing In Rankings

Yandex BingYandex, the popular search engine from Russia has taken its place as the fourth largest search engine in the world, which previously belonged to Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

Yandex, based in Moscow, has been working with the Cyrillic alphabet and prioritize on the Russian language for search queries. This web crawler was used for 9.46 billion search inquiries in the last 2 months of 2012. These numbers pushed Yandex past Bing, which generated 8.96 billion queries during the same time frame.

But the individual numbers for Bing is worse since the query number above mentioned for Bing is the total of other services by Microsoft such as Windows Live and MSN using Bing. Bing’s original search entry number comes down to 8.24 billion.

The rest of the list cane through as predicted. Google retains the leading position with 228.9 billion hits. The Chinese search giant, Baidu grabbed the second position with 29.1 billion hits and Yahoo finished third with 17.2 billion entries. The total search entry number reached 350 billion hits marking a new record for a 2 month period.

Yandex, one of the fastest growing search engine leapfrogged Redmond last year. The site has enjoyed constant growth last year, from July throughout December.

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