Runescape Malware Written By 11 Year Old

Runescape Malware In a recent announcement, AVG said that many kids aged 10 or 11 are using their programming skills and ingenuity for tricking gamers of all ages into giving up personal information.

The trigger that had brought this story into light is an app, named “Runescape Gold Hack”, which allows gamers to acquire free gold coins in the popular online multiplayer game. To avail this service, gamers had to choose their desired coin amount and put in their Runescape User ID and password and the users would receive their coins.

But deeper investigations revealed that the app was a disguise hiding a malware that was designed to steal the user’s sensitive data and transfer those into an e-mail account that belonged to an 11 year old kid living in Canada, according to BBC News.

Most of these cases start as children showing off their hacking skills to fellow classmates. Hacking into gaming accounts is a common example. Game accounts lead to sensitive financial and personal information such as details about credit card and e-mail accounts, Yuval Ben-Itzhak, AVG CTO said.

He also asked the gamers to stop sharing their login details in social networks. They may fall victim to serious troubles like identity theft, data theft even Cyber-bullying.

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