Surface Pro All Sold Out

Surface Pro If you haven’t grabbed a Surface Pro yet, then you’re to wait till the second wave comes along. Microsoft’s latest contribution to the PC world, Surface Pro is sold out on the launch day, although, the number of the devices handed out is still unclear. Surface Pro comes with 2 different storage plans, 64 GB and 128 GB.

CNet reporter, Edward Moyer said that iSuppli estimated around 1.3 million shipments closing with a 1.25 million pieces sold as the talks go. Other sources said that almost 680,000 units of the 64 GB model and 750,000 units of the 128 GB were handed out.

On the other hand, Surface RT tablet’s return rate was quite high. iSuppli researcher, Rhoda Alexander said that the soaring return rate along with a small sell through rate might cause trouble in future.

Brent Thrill, UBS analyst estimates the sale to be around a million, half of his previous expectation.

Surface Pro will do better than Surface tablet because of its less complicated operation system versus the various conditions for the apps and complex handling that come with the tablets.

So far, the company is pleased with the customer response to the device, according to a Microsoft spokesman.

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