Apple Might Buy German Luxury TV Venture

German Luxury TV VentureAs rumors go, Apple is in talks with Loewe, the German luxury TV manufacturer for buying a big bulk of shares. Last year in May, the same rumor hit the tech world.

According to sources, supposedly, Apple intends to tender an offer paying 4 Euros per share. These latest trading talks have elevated the share price of the high-end entertainment equipment maker by 33% currently calculating 3.63 Euro a share. At present, the company value stands at 53 million Euros.

According to a Loewe spokesman, the company is unaware of such events. On Apple’s end, the company refused to make any comment.

AppleInsider, a web blog said in last May, citing an official involved that Apple had made a bid worth 87.3 million, back then would have made Loewe a 48% premium.

Thomson Reuters data says that 28% shares of Loewe are owned by Sharp, while the original Loewe management handles 13% share. Another 11% is owned by LaCie. 49% shares are for the general people for free trading.

Loewe cut almost 200 jobs after the company calculated a 29 million Euro loss and now is collaborating with Sharp for a better spot. The company started in Berlin back in 1923.

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