New Hack For iOS 6.1 Revealed

New Hack For iOS 6.1 A new hacking technique for the iOS 6.1 has been demonstrated on a YouTube clip and CNET has confirmed that it works.

A simple set of tricks can let hackers gain access to your phone apps, get an ear for your voice mails along with phone calls.

A clip on YouTube is showing how anyone can get around the iPhone 5 passwords on any latest operating systems by Apple, including the iOS 6.1. With this technique almost anyone can access phone apps on other iPhones.

In order to accomplish the hacking process, the user must get really close to powering off the phone and then, make an emergency call while pressing the power button. CNET correspondents were successful in achieving the hack following the same process explained step by step on the YouTube post by the user named ‘videosdebarraquito’.

‘videosdebarraquito’ cautioned the general people urging not to use the hack for evil purposes. He said that the trick is only for pranks and fun among friends after taking the risks under consideration.

The video had been published over a month ago and weren’t focused until The Verge came in touch with it recently. At present, there is no technical immediate process available to prevent this hack.

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