Review: Buffalo Wireless Router WCR-HP-G300

Buffalo Wireless Router

Buffalo’s new ‘Air Station HighPower Wireless-N WCR-HP-G300 Router’ comes with improved coverage technology. It boasts the capability of not only to reduce but also eliminate dead spots. The router has double high powered detachable antennas with a capacity of 8 dBi and also features ‘(WDS) Wireless Distribution System’. The router’s internet based set up wizard has made the installation process easy and quick. With the ‘One-touch Secure System (AOSS)’ support along with the easy and quick wireless network configuration systems supporting various versions of the Android operating systems, it is now easy to stay updated and operate multiple android applications at the same time. With the highest speed reaching up to 300Mbps, multimedia content such as- video streaming, audio and online gaming can be enjoyed without any networking interference.

Buffalo’s ‘AirStation HighPower WCR-HP-G300’ router is a low budget router, a perfect match for household uses. As the product targets the low end customers, the product features entry level specifications.

Product Specifications:

Wireless LAN

  • Standard Issue: IEEE802.11n/g/b
  • Transmission System: (DSSS) Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum, MIMO, OFDM
  • Transmission Rate: IEEE802.11b (Max. 11 Mbps), IEEE802.11g (Max. 54 Mbps), EEE802.11n (Max. 300 Mbps)
  • Security Protocols: WPA-PSK(AES), WPA2-PSK(AES), 128/64bit WEP
  • Antennas: 2 * 8 dBi antennas (detachable)

Wired LAN Internet

  • Standard issue: IEEE802.3/3u
  • Speed and Flow Controlling: 100/10 Mbps (equipped with Auto-Sensing)
  • WAN Ports: 4 ports
  • Connector: RJ-45 (Auto MDIX)

WAN Interface:

  • Transmission Rate: 100/10 Mbps (comes with Auto-Sensing)
  • WAN Ports: Single port
  • Connector: RJ-45 (Auto MDIX)
  • WAN Security Protocol: Intrusion Detector, Dynamic Packet Filtering, NAT/SPI Firewall

Other Features:

  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 120 * 105 * 22 mm (antennas excluded)
  • Net Weight: 208g
  • Warranty Period: 3 Years

Buffalo Wireless Router N300
Admin User Interface

This Buffalo admin user interface is extremely fast at loading as there aren’t any fancy graphics or flash content attached. The dull information architecture is confusing and takes time to get used to it. The user interface shows many complicated technical terms which people in general wouldn’t be able to understand without certain level of computer based education while Buffalo is targeting consumers of all class. You might need to Google the product and read some articles first before using it.

Speed Test

The router can support 10/100Mbps on LAN/ WAN. So, large file transferring could take a while. The speed on LAN to LAN is satisfying as the maximum speed goes up to 100Mbps. When it comes to Wi-Fi, the speed is acceptable for 1/5 of the price costing for the Cisco Linksys EA4500, when the Buffalo router cover up to 50% of what the Cisco router delivers.

Signal Test

The tall antennas might fool you. If there are multiple walls between the user device and router, the acquired signal strength might be weak.

Product Summary


  • Low costing
  • Decent data speed for LAN and wireless networks


  • Weak wireless signal
  • Comes without Gigabit Ethernet support
  • User Interface is too technical to operate


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