Facebook Hacked, No Data Compromised

Facebook HackedThe latest tech firm that has fallen victim to hacking is Facebook. The company announced the breach and also assured subscribers that no user data was subject to illegal access.

Facebook explained the attack via a blog post saying that for work related purposes some company employees were visiting a mobile application developer site which was infected and was hosting a malware that gained access to the employee computers. Updated anti-virus software detected the bug. Immediately, all the compromised machines were logged out, law enforcement was informed and Facebook has launched a deep investigation. The malware was disinfected before gaining access to user data.

The malware was uncovered after a suspicious domain in the corporate DNS logs was flagged by Facebook’s security team. The domain was tracked back to a company computer. Further examinations revealed the malware, prompting a widespread search and more malicious files were found.

The malware utilized a zero-day exploit system for bypassing the Java sandbox and later installed itself. Facebook has notified Oracle about the exploit and Oracle has confirmed Facebook’s findings and supplied a patch for further solution.

Facebook said that recently, several unnamed companies also experienced attacks leaving similar patterns. The company also said that it looks forward to join forces with the other victims and launch an informal investigation team.

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