Marvell Introduces Cheap Quad Core Solution

Marvell Quad Core SolutionThe tablet and smart phone industry is now booming and there’s no sign of this phenomenon slowing down. With all the manufacturers now going for quad core processors, every chipmaker wants their products inside these machines.

The latest phone chipmaker entering the arena is Marvell with their clever and innovative quad core product which is also incredibly cheap in price creating the possibilities for regular high-end smart phones priced within $100.

Marvell’s new PXA1088 chip is a combination of four 1.2 Ghz Cortex-A7 processors by ARM. This combo product is proven to be a tough competitor against the Cortex-A8 released in 2009. The PXA1088 is a subtle innovation offering single chip solution in reasonable price, paving the way for small time manufacturers to make it on the worldwide 3G UMTS networks.

Co-founder of Marvell, Weili Dai described the chip as a high volume product equipped to run the typical smart gadgets.

Marvell is one of the giants leading the Chinese market now. The company hasn’t got much grasp in the market worldwide anymore. Even before 2010, Marvell was a top player globally supplying processors for groundbreaking BlackBerry phones.

According to Weili Dai, smart phones run by the PXA1088 will be available within the first 6 months of 2013.

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