Nvidia To Gamers: Supercomputer-Class Graphics Tool Released

Graphics Tool Yesterday, Nvidia’s latest graphics card, the ‘Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan’ was released in the enthusiastic gaming market. Nvidia acclaims that the GTX Titan is probably the best GPU solution in the gaming graphics world. The ‘Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan’ will face competition against the current market best, the ‘Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 dual GPU’ graphics card.

The GTX Titan offers the Kepler architecture that the GTX 690, GTX 680 and the Telsa K20 GPU graphics cards use. The GTX Titan boasts the GK110 core which the Tesla K20X and the Tesla K20 use. The GK110 core comes with 2688 CUDA cores, 7.1 billion transistors and computer power of 4500 Gigaflops. Nvidia named the graphics card after the supercomputer named Titan, operating for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of Tennessee. This supercomputer runs almost 18,000 Tesla K20X GPUs along with 18,000 of AMD Opteron CPUs to perform critical scientific calculations.

The GTX Titan offers GDDR5 of 6 GB and can be deployed using both the 2 way and the 3 way SLI configurations. The GTX Titan brings more efficiency when it comes to heat managing and power consumption. So, now the GTX Titan can be used in ‘Small Form Factor (SFF)’ rigs. Also, the GPU and the driver are in control of performance allowing the card to vary the voltage and clock speed dynamically ensuring top level performance.

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