Windows 8 found vulnerable to malware


Reports state that the all new Windows 8 is slowly making its way in the lives of its users. While on the other hand, researchers are working on this new OS version and trying to find out if the new version of Windows is more secure than the earlier one.

In this endeavor, Symantec Corporation, the global computer security software company based in America, has stated that malware targeting windows 8 might soon crop up. Though the company could find just one variant namely Ransomware of Windows 7, which can have an effect on computers that run on Windows 8, but they fear that malware in this setting might arise any time.

Another anti-virus software company BitDefender and its researchers had taken the task of checking Windows8 and finding out its new security features. They wanted to ensure whether this version of Windows fare well against the old threats but were not very satisfied with the results.

The team of researchers in BitDefender tested 385 common malware against two computers working on Windows 8 version. One of these computers had Windows Defender activated while the other was without it.

The computer which had Windows Defender activated had been infected with 61 malware samples, whereas the second computer without windows Defender had 234 samples of malware.

Moreover, in the first case, one of the 61 malware samples bypassed Windows Defender and hence failed to work, while another sample nicely blocked the payload of user Account Control from being delivered in the phone, thereby proving the worthiness of Windows Defender.

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One Response to "Windows 8 found vulnerable to malware"

  1. Stefan S. says:

    This was expected as Windows is the standard of most computers around the world. While it is true that the Mac operating system is gaining more followers around the world, the reality is that Windows continues to be the operating systems of corporations around the world. And that is a lot of computers. Given the heavy investment of Microsoft into Windows 8 to make it a functional platform across all kinds of devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops), then it is understandable why hackers would want to exploit its vulnerabilities. Investing in such a plan has a big payout given the large number of users. What do you think? Or am I being too much of a conspiracy theorist?

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