Apple’s Possible Patent For iWatch

Apple iWatchRecently, Apple placed a patent application for a wearable video gadget that includes a flexible touch display along with a “slap bracelet” mechanism, possibly named iWatch.

In the application, Apple says that people are now always expecting newer and newer accessories for portable computing devices and the existing accessory products are quite passive in nature. Also most of these items serve to protect the sensitive touch screens and maybe support the gadgets in a few specific orientations.

According to reports by AppleInsider, the file describes a device boasting a flexible touch screen attached to a conventional slap bracelet mechanism, in which a steel made bi-stable spring would be placed wrapped up in a fabric made covering. The device comes with a heat seal feature. The logic board, battery and other parts are fitted on the other end. Patent details also indicate to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity options for providing real time information and connecting with other devices.

The slap bracelets were a huge craze in the late 1980s and in the early ’90s. Later several injuries were reported stating the bracelets as the cause following a ban. But Apple is planning to use Velcro or actual snaps in the attachment points.

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