Microsoft: Latest Hacking Victim

Microsoft Hacking VictimMicrosoft is the latest name to join the listing of American tech titans tragically hacked during the recent serial cyber attacks.

An official blog post from Microsoft’s Emergency Security Response Center says that the company experienced a security intrusion similar to scenarios reported by other tech giants recently.  Matt Thomlinson, general manager at Microsoft said that the very same method used to attack Facebook, Twitter Apple and other firms were carried out.

Investigations results show several company machines including a few Mac systems were hacked into. Microsoft didn’t report any data compromised. Charges were reported after the attack. Also,Microsoft is taking necessary steps to fight these kinds of attacks in the future.

The malware exploited a vulnerability of a browser plug in software from Java and applied a zero day exploitation technique.

In the recent days, technology giants in the U.S are being compromised through this series of attacks. The victim list is quite impressive and also shocking at the same time. Twitter, Energy Dept. Of U.S, U.S Central Copyright Office, Facebook, Apple, NBC and now it’s Microsoft.

Experts are pointing fingers to Chinese hackers and also well sponsored hackers affiliated with Eastern European gangs.

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