Microsoft to Partner with EA for Xbox 720


The Xbox 720 is to be announced by Microsoft on April, 26th. The console is much awaited and fans are eager to see how it weighs up against the PS4. These are two of the biggest announcements for the gaming community and the hype is astounding. Latest rumors suggest that EA (Electronic Arts) is partnering up with Microsoft for the Xbox 720. The partnership is also expected to be announced on April 26.

Microsoft aims to bring attractiveness to the Xbox 720 through such deals, adding exclusivity to the console. This will certainly give it an edge over the next-gen consoles. Though, it will make things exclusive for the Xbox, it is not expected to abandon Sony. However, what we do expect to see from EA is content rolling out for the Xbox before it does for other consoles, with added playtime or exclusive DLCs.

EA might be backing the Xbox, which was hinted, as EA did not preview any game at the PS4 event. But, other developers like Ubisoft and Activision will still be on Sony’s side. Ubisoft has already announced 60 minutes of additional gameplay on PlayStation for their latest project Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Though unlikely, but unnamed sources say that EA might even release some games, possibly Battlefield 4, only for the 720.

EA state that they currently have 15 titles in development for next-gen consoles, again, none of which were showcased at the PS4 event. This gives Microsoft a huge ground for attracting people away from the PS4 and towards the 720. Gamers now certainly have a choice at hand.

It is interesting to see how both rivals are battling it out. The real victor, however, will only be seen once full details are given. Cheeky move by Microsoft, this time. What will Sony do to counter it?

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