Shots iGot iPhone App That Tells You the Quantum of Liquor You Just Poured in The Gatorade Bottle

r-SHOTS-IGOT-APPIf you belong to a particular age with a certain mindset to think about the ways to spend your weekends, you may have probably gone out to drink either out of a drained-out Coke bottle or a bottle full of Gatorade blended with some liquor.

In addition, if you were ever prepared for one among these bottles, or had taken a large juicy swig either from a movie theater, or the public park, or from the Chuck E. Cheese’s, etc., you obviously have either no idea of the quantity of the booze you had poured in, or the quantum of liquor shots you are really consuming off your furtive container.

A new app for the iPhone named Shots iGot is aimed to put an end to your unawareness. It helps to let you know the magnitude of your getting plastered vis-à-vis your expectation from the plastic bottle blend simply by swiping your finger. The people behind the app have planned 44 various regular containers you might have been using as an unplanned flask including a Solo cup, a Coke bottle, a soda can, the Slurped cup, etc. in such a way that you can imagine the number of shots you have actually poured in.

o-SHOTS-IGOT-570You only need to select the kind of bottle or container you want to pour your liquor into when the app draws out the bottle’s real replica; when you skim your finger to the container’s level you have filled with the liquor to, the app provides a real time measure of the shots you are going to gulp down.

There is a mixer mode too to show you the number of shots of the booze you can wring into a pre-filled bottle containing the original liquid. Hence, if you have half a bottle of Coke, the app can indicate the number of shots of rum you would be pouring in had you filled it up to the top.

Have a look at this clip of Shots iGot to figure out the way to use.

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