The Beautiful Nokia 105 Costs Only $20

Nokia 105 Aside from all the high end and expensive devices boasting millions of features, some simple low costing phones with fewer features have earned full attention at the 2013 MWC. If you’re looking for a handy phone with just simple voice calling and texting capability, capable to survive extreme conditions and everyday rough use, then the Nokia 105 is the prefect choice for you. The Nokia 105 will cost only $20 and comes with a highly sophisticated design reflecting both class and style and again it is proven that Nokia sure can make good looking devices.

Nokia Vice President, Stefan Pannenbecker, in charge of industrial design expects the 105 to be a massive global hit. He said that people with smart phones wanting a simple, handy and light weight device for long talks can go for the 105. But the 105’s biggest market is the developing economies in the 3rd world nations. But Pannenbecker thinks that a phone with such potential can win any market, even the U.S.

The Nokia 105 comes with a wraparound plastic case available in 2 colors- black and Nokia cyan, a water resistant keypad and a long lasting battery. On standby mode, the 105’s battery can go on for a month.

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