Assassin’s Creed IV Official Details Revealed


The Assassin’s creed series is one of the most exhilarating and famous game series, out there. The sixth addition to the game series was announced in the past week by the developer, known as “Assassin’s creed IV: Black Flag”. However, the developer did not give much details before. Today, on 4th of March, the developer released official details of the new game.

All the previous games have been marvelous and enjoyed by gamers, everywhere. This edition promises nothing less. Ubisoft has always aimed of making things bigger and better with every new game. They are trying to do exactly that with this one, as well. Most of the rumors about game’s contents have been true and now officially confirmed.

The game’s main character is Edward Kenway, the father of Haytham and grandfather of Connor. Ubisoft have been calling this the “Kenway Saga”. The game, as rumored, features a pirate theme with Edward already described as a pirate in Assassin’s Creed III. Edward is more self-centered, daring and more adventurous than other characters. However, the developer claims that they do not aim to stick with the stereotypical image of a pirate, rather staying close to reality and letting gamers enjoy the true essence of a pirate. The game is set in 1715 in West Indies. The main character owns his own ship, which can be customized, and the crew can be managed. Assassin’s Creed IV features new map locations, as well as, more water based abilities like whale harpooning. Most of the game will be played on high seas with loads of naval combat. It will also feature multiplayer modes, as was the case in  previous games. It has also been integrated more for the gamer with the modern day being centered around us, as a “research analyst”, instead of Desmond.

Assassin’s Creed IV certainly seems promising and even as sixth addition, it still has loads to offer. The game seems to be exciting, especially with the added action on the seas. The developer has not disappointed the fans and the wait for the game is unbearable!

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