Apple Once Thought Alternative iPhone Names

Apple iPhoneFor a long time, Apple and Cisco were busy making trademark dispute regarding the brand name “iPhone”, which started back in 2007. After that, Apple has brought down a flood of high selling device similarly named including the iPad.

According to reports by 9to5Mac, a former consultant of Apple, Ken Segall recently revealed that Cupertino once thought about potential names for the hugely popular iPhone and possible names include- iPad, TelePod, Mobi and TriPod. Recently at an event, hosted by the Department of Marketing of the University of Arizona, Segall revealed the above information.

Long before the iPhone launch, Apple and Cisco started battling in court over the “iPhone” name which Cisco at that time used for a VoIP phone under a brand named Linksys. In January, 2007 Apple was sued by Cisco for using the name, “iPhone” before reaching any settlement or branding agreement. After a month, both companies reached a solid deal and in the meantime, Apple was considering alternative branding options for their revolutionary smart phone.

Behind each of those names, there is a logic. ‘Mobi’ was short for ‘Mobile’. TriPod represented the 3 vital features- phone, music player and smooth internet experience. TelePod indicated to the combination of iPod and phone and iPad was floated too.

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