SimCity (2013) Released and Receives Positive Criticism


Published by Electronic Arts, SimCity is one of Maxis studios top-selling games, initially released way back in 1989. Since then, the game has had 5 sequels, the latest one being released on 5th of March 2013. The game series, as a whole has been phenomenal. All are city-building and construction-management based games, and give you a real grasp of the inner workings of cities, as you control and build them.

The latest release is titled “SimCity”, currently out in North America. It is to be released in Europe on 7th March, and in UK on the 8th. The game has significant improvements compared to its predecessors and is definitely pleasing. The biggest change in the game is the introduction of 3D graphics, built on a “Glassbox” engine, making the gameplay even more enjoyable with crisp details and vibrant buildings. Other new features include a multiplayer mode and the use of finite resources. This is the first game in the series to include a multiplayer mode and allows players to build regions with cities, controlled by different players.

The objective of the game is to build a city that has successful operating. The players may also build cities specialized in certain sectors such as education, tourism, etc. There are three types of zones in each city: commercial, residential and industrial. Players must build and construct all three sectors setting up energy sources, transportation system and city resources to build an efficient city. The city status is given by animations and visual-cues, giving better demographics as compared to previous versions of the game. The game is more close to reality, even differentiating between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Very obviously, the new SimCity also fashions new building tools such as tools for making free-form and circular roads. Even though the new gameplay gets confusing, once you get familiar to it, it gets hard to let go off the game without making noticeable progress. It certainly is addictive.

The new gameplay has been received avidly by the gaming community and got nothing but positive criticism. The game is much appreciated and has received high scores from all renowned critics getting a near perfect 9.5/10 game score from “Polygon”, a 90/100 from “Venturebeat” and also being appreciated by “Mashable”. It is sure to catch the heart of the players and the wait is finally over with the game being released.

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