Controversial Cyber Security Bill Emerges Next Week

Cyber Security The controversial cyber security related CISPA bill is again on the headlines which is due to emerge next week as Republican representatives C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger along with Mike Rogers will put the issue on the table hoping for desired actions by the White House.

Two congressmen, a ranking member and the chairman of the ‘House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’ is teaming up to unveil their action course during a speech at an event hosted by the ‘Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)’; a press release from the White House says so stating that the nature of this bill is quite similar to the ones presented last year.

The CISPA agreement calls for emergency data transferring between companies to ensure no data loss in case of cyber invasion by foreign country. Which means if passed, the law would allow firms like facebook, Apple, Twitter or pretty much every firm we submit our personal information to via online will be inclined to hand over all these information to the government immediately if asked.

CISPA protocol expires after a 5 year period with a renewal option. Activists and people rooting for free web and information are set to protest against this bill.

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