Multi Room DVR Support And Apps For $99 From TiVo Mini

Multi Room DVR Support From TiVo MiniYesterday, TiVo launched a new media box compatible with both TiVo’s Premiere XL4 and Premiere 4 DVR box which will allow full operation for TiVo and complete online features from any room of the house.

TiVo Mini is an 6.1 inch * 1.3 inch box which offers live online TV, video recording and numerous online contents via another TiVo DVR box located close by in another room.

The TiVo Mini connects to the Premiere XL4 or the Premiere 4 via MoCA (coaxial) cable or Ethernet, letting consumers stream and watch HD videos recorded in the DVR box like Hulu Plus and YouTube or online TV services. The protocol is similar to Dish Network’s Hopper and Joey DVR system, the small box is the client and the larger one acts as the server. The TiVo Mini comes with online services such as Pandora, Spotify, Photobucket and Google Picasa, Wordsmith and others. But the box lacks more advanced functions like the ones Roku 3 is offering.

The TiVo Mini will cost $99 also a monthly fee of $5.99 is attached with a 1 year deal. Also, TiVo Mini with lifetime service package will cost $249. The DVR box is available at RCN, Suddenlink along with GCI cable operators.

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