Only 1.5 Million Surface Tabs Sold

Surface TabAfter the promising and blasting start, the Surface tab devices are looking to join the list of Microsoft’s failed projects. Reports from Bloomberg indicate only 1.5 million units were shipped after the product release.

Even after Oprah’s approval, Surface products failed to become blockbuster hits. The RT device sale mark roughly crossed the million mark since its October release and the Pro versions sold a little more than 400,000 units after February, its official release.

Compared Apple’s 22.9 million iPad shipment during the 4th quarter and even a bigger number with Samsung, Microsoft’s facing some serious competition.

According to market researchers, the real problem is the OS, Windows 8. Last November, a survey by antivirus manufacturer Avast showed that a very little number of consumers were aware of the new OS and the upgrades made. Also of those who knew the specs and details, only a few decided to go for the new products.

Just a few days ago, at Galaxy S4 launching party, JK Shin, Samsung’s mobile chief said a few harsh words regarding tabs and phones running Windows 8.

Tom Mainelli, tablet research director at IDC believing in rejuvenation, suggested Microsoft to work on its OS and the weak points found.

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