President Obama Brings new iPad and iPhone app For Political Campaign

obama-ipad-iphoneAs the popularity for Apple’s newest iphone and iPad continues to rise higher, the political personality like President Obama can not stay far from the influence of these latest devices. His political campaign, Organizing for America, tonight will be heading to the App Store with an all-new iPad and iPhone app. His organization hopes this attempt could be able to connect their voters with Congressional representatives in due course for the fall elections.

This is supposed to be President Obama’s first app ever since the one created for the presidential campaign in 2008. And of course, the app will be totally free. Organize for America is a program which will be conducted by Democratic National Committee.

Here are few features the voters will find in the app:

  • The voters will get alerts regarding local events and opportunities where they need to get involved. This will even facilitate them to watch related videos or RSVP directly from the app, too
  • Get National and local election news on your mobile phone which you can share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Photos and videos, along with special video messages from President Obama including clips from local gatherings
  • It also incorporates a feature called “Call Congress” that gives you the contact number for your representatives in Congress. This feature will certainly prove to be beneficial for the voters as they can take action on issues they care about.
  • Donation features

Hope this is just a beginning of a new trend which will show proper direction in the coming years in the new political perspective. No doubt Apple fans will be highly impressed with President Obama’s innovative campaign strategy, but we would strongly encourage the Obama administration and other political entities to complete their mobile offerings with Android apps, as well, as a large number of Americans still prefer Android devices, so it will be a wise decision to not overlook them all.

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