Xbox 720 Full Scale Specs Revealed

Xbox 720 VGLeaks reported the full technical specs of the Xbox 720 back in January. The specs were leaked under Project Durango (Codenamed).

CPU configurations:

  • x64 Architecture
  • 8 CPU cores clock speed at 1.6 GHz
  • Every CPU thread boasts 32 KB L1 grade instruction cache along with 32 KB L1 grade data cache
  • Each module carrying 4 CPUs offers 2 MB L2 cache. Total- 4 MB of L2 cache
  • Each core boasts a hardware thread (fully independent) without any shared execution resources
  • Every hardware thread issues 2 instructions per clock.

GPU configurations:

  • Custom made 800 MHz graphics processor (D3D11.1 class)
  • 12 shader cores offering a sum of 768 threads
  • Floating point operation rate: GPU effectively issues 1.2 trillion operations per second
  • Every thread can complete 1 scalar multiplication along with ‘Additional Operation (MADD)’ per clock cycle.
  • ‘Natural User Interface (NUI)’ sensor included

Memory and Storage:

  • DDR3 RAM (68 GB/s): 8 GB
  • SRAM (ESRAM) (102 GB/s) (Embedded): 32 MB
  • 6x Blu-ray Disc drive: 50 GB
  • System memory bandwidths combined with ESRAM totaling peak bandwidth: 170 GB/sec.

Networking options:

  • Wi-Fi along with Wi-Fi Direct
  • Gigabit Ethernet

Hardware Accelerators:

  • Image, audio and video codecs
  • Kinect with MEC hardware
  • Cryptography engines
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