BioShock Infinite: Calling all Gamers!


BioShock is back and with a bang! This time around, witness BioShock in its eternal glory as it showcases BioShock Infinite, the third game in the series. Released on the 26th of March 2013, this game promises to be bigger and better than the other two games. The diesel-punk game is set to be in Columbia this time around as opposed to Rapture and it promises to give gamers one ride that they’ll never forget. Now, available on the Xbox 360 and soon on PlayStation 3, most gamers would agree that the graphics on PS3 for Infinite are going to be way better than those for the first two installments, as mentioned in the recent Gamespy Report. The graphics are promised to be more visual, with better controls on the platform.

Now, let’s move on to the synopsis of the game. The game is set to be in old-age America, where Columbia has only recently been formed on the grounds of America, based on female independence. The city is built in the air, and amidst major turmoil, you must save a female victim. The unique parameters of the game set out a challenge for the gamers. However, this time, instead of Jack, you have Brooke DeWitt to control.

When producers stated that BioShock was bound to be a bigger success this year, little did we know that they would come back with better graphics, improved control systems and amazing voices of characters. These voices would include those of Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper, stated in Escapist Magazine. Several new controllers have been added in order to make BioShock more addictive, stated in the latest PlayStation Blog. The graphics in PS3 might be more attractive, since they will be in stereoscopic 3-D, reviewed by the most recent Computer and Video Games Report. The controllers are definitely better in the Xbox 3 version. You can easily tackle and toggle your characters without the seeing them slow or losing your progress in the game.

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