Ubuntu OS Preview Supporting Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 4

Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 4On 21st February, Canonical released the open source code and images of Ubuntu’s smart phone version.

For now, the software will only support the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Nexus 4. Also, the source code is released for enthusiasts and developers interested in making further developments. Canonical’s ultimate plan is to make the developers familiar to the new platform and eventually enable them to make apps.

Tools for convenient users switching or flash were made available at the Touch Developer Preview hosted by Ubuntu on 21st February. Interested users attending Barcelona Mobile World Congress were also able to flash their phones at the Canonical booth.

The Ubuntu platform supports a huge variety of display sizes and resolution. Developers working on both iOS apps and Android apps will find it friendly and easy to integrate data in the Ubuntu platform said Pat McGowan, leading the integration effort. Experimentation is going on, and new devices are being added to the ‘Support List’ everyday.

Also, App Design Guides are published to help developers make apps taking full advantage of the Ubuntu platform confirming the usage of the full potential.

Ubuntu OS for smart phones was first unveiled back in early January. The developer preview is available at wiki.ubuntu.com/TouchInstallProcess.

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