Verizon Is Ready To Announce New Droid X prior to the launch of iPhone 4

Verizon Droid X launchverizon Droid X launchVerizon is soon going to announce the new Droid X model which runs on the Android operating system. The announcement will be held just prior to the official launch of the iPhone on June 24.  The buzz around we hear about the new Verizon Droid X is, the latest Android smartphone will come with stunning new features that include a 4.3 inch screen, multitasking, GPS, and speech recognition.

Research from the first quarter of 2010 by NPD reflects that the new Android phones are outselling iPhone and with new features will be available on both. This revealation will definitely help the cell phone market to be charged up even further.  The Android based Droid X grabbed almost 28% of the phones sold with iPhone at 21%.  While Blackberry devices are still leading with 36%.

The Droid cell phone was initially out for sale in April of 2010 and has been selling out rapidly as many outlets are out of stock.  The new Droid X is an enhancement over the original handset but no official launch date has been announced so far.

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One Response to "Verizon Is Ready To Announce New Droid X prior to the launch of iPhone 4"

  1. Jade Pienta says:

    I have already been feeling a minor heat this early morning from some individuals not looking to think that the Droid X inventory may be limited on launch day, as we claimed before. Well we’ve only snapped up five extra screenshots from 5 quite main marketplaces as well as I’d point out once more that stock looks to be pretty limited to me. Some associated with the major retailers have up-wards of 60 equipment, but a few might just have five items. Now possibly these quantities are preceding common for a Verizon launch, but for a device this big, I guess I just thought retailers would have tried to have already been overstocked.

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