Sony all Set to Launch PlayStation 4 during “Holiday Season”


GameStop has revealed that Sony have intentions to launch the new installment of the PlayStation series: PlayStation 4 in 2013. All PS predecessors have been amazingly successful and it’s a given that this will be too. Rumors are that Sony may not be able to get to Europe in time and the console might reach the area in 2014. This isn’t actually surprising considering previous consoles by Sony have also had time issues. However, Michael Hogan from GameStop unveiled that everything is on track and the game will be released in this year. Rumors are circulating about how PlayStation 4 release for Europe is dependent on Microsoft plans for Xbox 720.

The actual console’s depiction still hasn’t been revealed. The new controller has been worked upon exceptionally hard and the results are staggering. The official PlayStation 4 website reveals its increased sensitivity and a touch pad that will enhance gaming experience. The console also offers a high sensitive camera. GameStop also hinted upon the specifications of the console. It works on a single chip processor that runs on x86-64 AMD Jaguar platform CPU cores. This makes the system particularly fast and prevents it from crashing or getting stuck when you’re playing the game.

Game fans are also keen to know the kind of games PlayStation 4 would be introducing. They will be happy to know that the games would be pretty affordable. You can play games such as Second Son, Destiny, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV, Knack, DriveClub, The Witness, Deep Down and several others that are just as anticipated as the console.

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