Battle It Out With Dust 514 – Coming to the PS3 in May


Have you always enjoyed blowing your friends’ head off in online shooter games? Well, you can do exactly that with the first-person-shooter “Dust 514”-coming out on PS3. The game is free-to-play; downloadable from the Playstation Store. It is currently in Open Beta mode since January,  but will be fully released on 14th May 2013. It is being developed and published by CCP Games.

The game’s objective is simple; the players must fight for resources and installations on different planets on Eve Universe, while building settlements as they do so. Each team will have a core infantry, a commander and a few player-controlled vehicles. The commander monitors entire combat arenas from aerial towers, destroying the opposing team’s aerial tower will result in a win. The infantry soldiers and vehicles can holster different weapons and equipment on their “dropsuits”. The game also fancies a skill system, where players may choose to specialize in a certain skill, mastering all would be close to impossible.

Dust 514 has a confusing gameplay, with a jumbling interlink between the PC game “Eve Online”, which is also released by CCP. All of the events in Dust 514 take place in the Eve universe, that too, in real time. The combat is correlated between the two games and affects the political situation in Eve Online, with players from Eve Online being able to hire Dust players as mercenaries to take over planets. Players from both games face direct interaction in “Orbital bombardments”, where Eve’s players can assist Dust players in battle.

As Dust 514 is based on Eve Online, it not only has the same science fiction feel to it but also inherits some characteristics of MMORPG within it. It uses same items and weapons from the previous game, as well.

However, there is no single-player campaign in the game, but will additionally feature a “Survival mode” where players will battle it out against mobs of drones.

If you find it interesting, then check Playstation Store now and try out the open beta, or wait for the full release in Mid-may!

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