Total War: Rome II Gets A Release Date, Pre-order Bonus And Collector’s Edition Also Announced


Sega has finally announced the release date of the latest edition in Total War series ― set to be released on September 3, 2013.People with pre-orders will receive the Greek States Culture Pack DLC which adds 3 new factions namely: Epirus, Sparta and Athens. All three of them have new units, buildings and traits.

Fans willing to spend a few extra bucks can even get the collector’s edition (limited22, 000 copies only). The collector’s edition features the following goodies:

  • The Steelbook case containing the game will be engraved with Roman numerals, representing the serial number of your unique copy of the game.
  • The Roman predecessor to backgammon ― Tabula, also features in the collector’s set. It has a 30-piece Tabula set with the board being built on the base of the box.
  • Three replica dices are also included, which are identical to the original Roman Tesserae found at the site of Herculaneum.
  • Total War Cards is a game made to reflect upon the elements of the original game, and requires skill and luck to win. Likewise, the collector’s edition includes 58 cards and a playing board, which represents the Punic Wars tech-tree.
  • It has even got a Canvas Map which shows the 57 provinces in the Rome II campaign.
  • The special version also includes a Roman Onager which is easy to assemble and is made of weathered wood as well as steel. The siege catapult measures 26cm x 12cm x 12cm and can be used to throw small objects.

The game is surely going to be great, and now that we have a fixed release date, the countdown has begun. Let’s see how things turn out in September!

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