Download Amazon Kindle App:An Updation For Apple iPhone iOS 4


Amazon Kindle E-readerAmazon has made a sudden update for its Kindle App prior to iPhone 4 sale on June 24. The update was mainly designed to facilitate the E-Reader to be attuned with 960 x 640 Retina Display of the new Apple iPhone 4. Users can now download this new Amazon Kindle App for free and it enables the wireless sync with Amazon Kindle E-Reader. Since the app is still in its testing stages, it isn’t fully ready for the brand new multitasking functions of iPhone4G.

The most up-to-date version of Kindle App 2.1.1 also allows its users to get the access to more than  6 Million E-Books. It is much more convenient and economical to use this Kindle App for iPhone rather than buying Kindle 2 for $189 from the retail stores. Since the iPhone app is totally free and it doesn’t occupy your free space, while this Kindle 2 device does.

The app named Amazon Whisper Sync, connects to the servers of Amazon and maintains track of where you are reading in the E-book. The app is also helpful to download the purchased books online. These are stored in Archives folder when you log in to Amazon using the App. The app also facilitates bookmarking pages, zoom in to the contents, navigating through Table of Contents and downloading books via 3G or Wi-Fi technology. It’s your choice at the end of it all.

iphone4G Amazon kindle app

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