Google is Developing a New Android-Powered Gaming Console


According to The Wall Street Journal, Google has begun with the development of a new video game console that runs on its own Android operating system. While the gaming market still anticipates Xbox One and PS4, it seems like gamers will be getting more choices now. With Ouya, another Android-based gaming console, already in the market, things seem to be getting a bit too crowded.

Rumors suggest that Google has started work on the console in response to the hype that Apple might also be taking a shot in video gaming. It is also working on a smartwatch as per reports. It’s highly surprising and doubtful that Apple is entering the gaming market too, but since everyone seems to make their own consoles, why wouldn’t Apple? Only recently did Apple announce that iOS devices will soon receive dedicated controller support for games.

As mentioned earlier, one rather worthwhile Android-based gaming console is already available in the market—Ouya. Is it possible for this class of gaming consoles to take over the market? Google definitely has the potential to beat Ouya, and bring out the next big thing in next-gen consoles. While Android gaming devices may not succeed in attracting hardcore gamers, they can still appeal to the ones looking for cheaper and more casual options; which means competition for smaller consoles like the GameStick. This is because just having a huge name like Google backing the console might increase its liking and sales. There’s no denying the fact that Google might eventually become a big player in gaming industry.

It must be kept in mind that even though Google have dedicated staff and technology, it is  known for rushing things out to the market. This is one of the main reasons why many of its products fail. So, if Google does the same hasty development with its new console, it might be nothing significant or valuable.

There isn’t any real detail available on the specifications of Google’s console yet, except its Android nature. However, the buzz suggests it might come out as early as this fall. The pricing can also be expected to be generally low, like the Ouya, otherwise the console might fail in competing against inexpensive alternatives.

For now it’s a rumor, and nothing solid can be said before Google comes up with an official announcement. Until then, fingers crossed!

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