Android 4.3 Update Starts Rolling Out to Google Edition Samsung S4 and HTC One


The owners of the latest Nexus phones already got their Android 4.3 update last week. Those who got Google Edition Phones, can get it now as an OTA update. The update is 185MB (HTC One) and 150MB (Samsung Galaxy S4), according to people who have already received the update.

The update enables IR Blaster on HTC One while the sensors and IR Blaster on Galaxy S4 remain unused. Bluetooth Smart Technology (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) allows apps to connect to low power bluetooth, which can be used at high speeds. OpenGL ES 3.0 is now supported; this will provide great advancement in graphics technology. This means that the speed and amount of detail in mobile games will be better than ever. This will also enable more photorealistic graphic effects.

The camera app has been upgraded and provides cleaner interface. The new version of the OS features better DRM APIs and allows 1080p streaming of content. “Alway-on WiFi” allows WiFi to be enabled even in sleep mode.

While the new update may not change much, it has some new features and stability upgrades worth to install it.

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