Bing Search Update Starts Rolling Out

Bing Search Update

After updating Bing search on desktop and Web, Microsoft has started rolling out the update for Windows Phone 8 version of Bing. US smartphones can get the update now, with other markets coming after. The new update streamlines the interface and adds some useful new features.

The design of Bing search has changed, with only three tabs – Webs, Images and Videos – instead of the usual four: Web, Local, Media and Shopping. Bing product manager Alisher Saydalikhodjayev said that while previous tabs seemed useful, many did not even use them or know about them. He said that the redesign of the interface is less confusing and helps people find the desired search results quicker.

He explained that the new web category is smart enough to recognize relevant search results-including images, videos and local results- and give more importance to them. There will be more info on the first screen so users have to do less swiping. He also claimed that the Bing team has worked hard to provide better directions and phone numbers for local businesses, and Bing search now provides richer search results for popular websites in order to save some space on the screen. The new update is also much faster and uses much less data.

The update brings some great new features and improvements. Did you get it for your Windows Phone?


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