Basic Cable’s Day might be Numbered – Cloud based TV Startup Might Spell Doom for Cable

aereo-antennaAn internet based company called Aereo might bring about the next big change to the way we watch television. This is definitely not sitting well with networks. What could be so worrisome for these networks? Well, Aereo subscribers get a minuscule TV antenna which is capable of picking up broadcast signals from network stations. The television content is then streamed to their wireless devices.

Aereo has already established its network and clientele in cities like New York, Boston and Atlanta and will soon kick start its service in Utah. Next in line cities to receive Aereo services include Detroit, Dallas and Houston. The estimated time for services to get started in these cities is approximately in a couple of weeks.

Network stations have already taken legal action against Aereo and sued it. Their motive is that Aereo is distributing their content without obtaining a license and without explicit permission of television signals owner.

This will definitely have basic cable companies worried to no end.

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